10 Reasons You'll Love My Teething Necklaces

10 Reasons You'll Love My Teething Necklaces

I've been wanting to add something for mums to my range for such a long time - because new mums deserve a congratulatory present just as much as the new little bundle of joy - and I've finally found the perfect addition!

My Teething Necklaces are pretty and practical, perfect to treat yourself to and with Christmas fast approaching, a necklace would make a lovely gift for a special new mum.

Here's why you'll love them!

Chantelle x

1. Feel Like Yourself Again

Let's face it, most nursing clothes are a bit frumpy aren't they? I've never owned as many unflattering horizontally striped t-shirts and super stretchy leggings as in the first few months after birth. That postnatal phase where maternity clothes are tent-like and you can't quite believe that you ever used to squeeze into "regular" clothes. It's nice to wear something a bit colourful to make you smile and something that suits YOU - Teething Necklaces to the rescue!

2. No Nasties

The nylon cord, beach wood and BPA and phalate free silicone beads are made to European EN71 standards, meaning they contain no lead or heavy metals and are completely safe for your little one to chew on.

3. Effortless Style

Sick-up on your shoulder? Late for baby class or your mummies' meet up and no time to change? No problem! These necklaces will dress up any outfit and nobody will even notice when they're too busy complimenting you on your gorgeous new necklace.

4. Premium Finish

The waxed finish gives the nylon cord a lovely smooth feel and means it doesn't get dirty as easily as other uncoated cord Teething Necklaces on the market.

5. Go Handsfree

These colourful and tactile necklaces will keep your baby occupied and visually stimulated while babywearing, so you can go handsfree for longer - whether that's to chase around an older toddler or to run some errands. And unlike a handheld toy, you won't be forever bending down to pick it back up off the floor.

6. Safe & Hygienic

As a first time mum, when my son reached teething age and ALL the things were going into his mouth, I became a bit obsessive with the antibac wipes (our TV remote never looked so gleaming!). Unlike plastic toys and some other teethers that have germ harbouring nooks and crannies, both the wooden and silicone beads are actually antimicrobial. The close grain of beech wood means it's extremely difficult for bacteria to get in (that's why beech is commonly used for chopping boards) and silicone resists the growth of bacteria and mould, whilst also being hypoallergenic. Keeping your necklace clean is as easy as giving it a quick wash in soapy water and leaving it to air dry.

7. No More Hair Tugging

If you've got a little hair puller, these necklaces will keep their hands busy and give your hair follicles a much needed break. So you can ditch the mum bun every now and then, and let your hair down! They also help keep wrigglers still and focused on your lap while breast or bottle feeding - the four month sleep regression is actually due to your baby becoming distracted by playing and not feeding for long enough during the day, so they then wake up hungry in the night. Who knew?! Now you do!

8. Teething Relief

What mum wouldn't give an arm and a leg for something that helps their grumpy baby with teething pains? The knobbly wood and flexible silicone beads are really satisfying for sore gums to gnaw on, and the combination of round and hexagonal shapes provides lots of different surfaces for your little one to explore with their mouth.

9. Twinning Is Winning

Each necklace is made to complement one of my limited edition fabric prints, so pick a matching handmade bib or teething ring and you can twin with your mini me. A matching set will look wonderful in a gift box as a thoughtful baby shower, newborn or Mother's Day present.

10. Get The Perfect Fit

Each necklace is roughly 70cm long, so that it hangs low within your baby's reach. If you're miniature like me (I'm a whole 4ft11in!) or you'd just prefer you necklace to sit a little higher on your chest, it's really easy to adjust the cord to your perfect length. See the full instructions on any of the necklace product pages.




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