5 Children's Crafts to Try This Spring

Spring's right around the corner, and little ones everywhere will soon be bursting with excitement to see nature come back to life!

To help keep them entertained, especially during school holidays, why not do some fun children's crafts together at home?

With a few simple materials and a helping hand, little artists can make all sorts of colourful spring-inspired crafts. They'll love the chance to express their creativity and put together some unique spring decorations.

So, check out a few of my favourite children's craft ideas below and get ready to enjoy the season with some good old fashioned crafting fun!

Not only are these great activities for children of all ages, by using recycled packaging and household items they can be an economic and environmentally-friendly way to get children involved in art and craft.

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A Bunch of Compliments

Spread some love for Valentine's Day with a bouquet of hearts. Glue lengths of pipe cleaner between two paper hearts and write all of the things your little one loves most about someone special.

A lovely gift for grandparents, this would also make a thoughtful present to let nursery or school teachers know how much they're appreciated.

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Flower Fairy Wings

A must have for any outdoor explorer!

All you need to create these fairy wings is some cardboard and sellotape or sticky back plastic. Draw and cut out the outline of the wings, then stick on strips of tape until the inside of the wings is covered.

Head out into the garden or on a trip to the park and see how many daisies you can collect along the way!

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Eggbox Daffodils

Daffodil season's upon us and they're the perfect inspiration for spring crafting. Why not give these cheerful flowers a go with your little one?

The centre sections of egg cartons make ideal trumpets for paper daffodils! Cut a flower shape out of card to glue the trumpet to, then add a green painted lollipop stick for the stem. Super sweet and simple!

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Colourful Tulips

Tulip season starts at the end of March, bringing colour to grey days.<\p>

Mix some pretty paint colours, lay our some forks and let your little artist have fun painting a field of tulips with finger painted stems and leaves.

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Spring Chicks

A quick and easy craft which creates a lovely keepsake, all you need to create these spring chicks is yellow and orange paint plus a black pen.

Let your baby or child stamp away to their heart's content, then add eyes and fingerprint beaks to their cute handprints.

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